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RV & Boat Storage

Looking for a solid, economical storage building to protect your boat or RV from the elements?

Newmart Builders offers a variety of building options, sized specifically to accommodate boats of all shapes and sizes as well as recreational vehicles. Whether you need to store large recreational boats, jet skis, fishing or camping equipment, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, trailers or a Winnebago, our storage buildings offer the strength and durability to keep all your vehicles safe and dry in any season.

Built from 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting, these storage buildings are built to last and offer endless customization for your needs. Our certified storage buildings can meet 130 mph wind speed, 30 lb. snow load requirements and include a 20-year limited warranty against framing rust-through, with normal care and maintenance.

Our expert installation team can deliver your new boat or RV storage building right to your door and complete the assembly in as little as 2-3 hours! Call us at 910-567-6542 for details or check out our boat and RV storage models below, to get a cost estimate please call.


Bent Bow Storage

Our bent bow storage buildings feature rounded roof corners and horizontal metal panels. These attractive storage buildings are also our most ecomomical option, offered in a variety of sizes & colors to meet your needs. Customize your storage building with windows, doors, or rollup garage doors for flexible storage options to accommodate all your vehicles.

Bent Bow with 2x3 Framing

Get bent bow styling built with the added strength and durability of 2x3 framing posts. Great for heavy snow loads, high winds and other challenging weather conditions. Add side, front or back panels in a variety of color choices.

A-Frame Storage

Offering a more traditional look, our A-Frame style buildings feature horizontal roof and side panels that come in a variety of color choices. Choose the size that works best for your needs and customize your building with windows, doors, rollup garage doors and more.

A-Frame with 2x3 Framing

Offering attractive design and superior strength against heavy snow loads and other demanding weather conditions our 2x3 A-Frame buildings feature vertical roof and side panels that come in a variety of color choices. These storage buildings are offered in a variety of sizes and can be customized with windows, doors, rollup garage doors and more.


Color samples are approximate and may
vary from actual material

Additional Options:

  • Full Gables
  • Extra Sheets
  • Service Doors
  • Extra Ht.
  • Windows
  • Roll-Up Doors 5x6 to 10x10
  • Fully Enclosed Buildings
  • Roof and Corner Braces available for all buildings
  • Certified Buildings Available

Product Advantages:

  • We use G-120 rated steel 2.25 x 2.25 tubing with a super strength (70,000) tensile strength test manufactured in the United States.
  • The Flo-Coat process offers a three step process which offers three layers of protection.
  • We have numerous local distribution centers offering local service, resulting in timely installations.
  • As an option we offer a 2"x3" framing for additional structural integrity allowing clear spans up to 40 feet wide.
  • Our quality control includes in house rollforming and trim manufacturing insuring precise product specifications.
  • We are American owned and operated.
  • We are dedicated to providing a high quality product for a reasonable cost.