Smith's Enterprise

9269 Dunn Rd
Salemburg, NC


Hello everyone,

Just letting you know that my Epic was successfully packed and ready for taking long trip to Uzbekistan. Windshield and tower has not been removed. I am attaching pictures in zip file in case you are interested how does it look.

Anyway - thanks for everything, you and your office staff have been very helpfull during the purchase . I could not expect more from any company you made every effort to make this a smooth transaction for me and to make sure I was comfortable with the deal. I can honestly recommend you to anyone for a honest deal. I hope this is not the last boat I am buying for you.

Best regards,

Billy Smith,

We are very pleased with the Epic 23V. Your price was unbelievable and you delivered the boat before promised. We would gladly buy from Smith Enterprises again.

Don Carmichael

Billy has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The first time I called him about possibly buying an 09' Epic from him, he spent 45 minutes with me, just going over some of the features. He was very straight forward, and honest. Everything he said he would do, got done. When I finally decided to buy it, Billy said I would have it by the weekend. Well even though my bank made me and him jump through a bunch of hoops, he made it happen. He also has e-mailed or called me through every step of the process.
Billy didn't stop there.
With any new boat, there's always some warranty issues. Billy has worked with me to make sure everything is getting taken care of. He still calls or e-mails me to let me know what's going on.
I was a little leery about buying something across the country from a total stranger. After all, I've heard a million story's about all the scams on the internet. Once again, Billy was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely send my friends to him, and buy my next Epic from him.
On a side note, Billy is also a Wet Sounds dealer. I called him to ask about an EQ for the boat. Well just like everything else Billy does, It was on my door step 3 days later. I have to say, this is one of the nicest EQ's I've ever seen. 
Overall, I would say this has been the best experience I've ever had with a major purchase.
Joe and Rachel Sellhausen



Hi Billy,


  Received my tractor here in Alaska about 2 weeks ago and the shipping deal worked out well.  I wanted to thank you for helping me save money on the tractor and the shipping.   I only have a few hours on it at this time but am very pleased so far.


Thanks again – Joe Roberts, Anchorage, Alaska


T554 Cabin Hydrostatic Drive with Loader, 9" Post Hole Digger and 7' Scrape Blade



It was a pleasure to deal with Smiths Enterprise


Mike Spencer


LS CR 4046 with loader Smart Trac 6 foot HD Rough Cutter and Smart Trac 7 foot Box Blade



I called other dealers and they were not informative, so I called Smith's and purchased.


Jeremy Andrews, Bellhaven

LS CR 4046 with loader Smart Trac 6 foot HD Rough Cutter and Smart Trac 7 foot Box Blade




Love my tractor - i am putting it through its paces


The 4140 is driving that SLE-75 with no discernable effort - the section in the manual that says 60" maximum is being overly conservative - hoggin through 4' of timothy, goldenrod and saw grass never changed the pitch of the engine, just hummed along


As for the manual, if i take them at their word, the tractor shouldn't be left for periods of time without covering the exhaust pipe, for fear of wind free wheeling the turbo with dry bearings - made me think that it wold be nice to pick up a pack of children's tube socks to put over the exhaust pipe when you deliver long distances - the forward facing exhaust driving along the road at 60mph for hours probably doesn't serve it well - not to mention road grit - just a suggestion from a hauler who has faced the daunting job of moving precision milling machines in open trailers trying to keep road grit out of precision ways (good luck)


Could you do me a favor and give Unifarm a call and see how many millions of dollars it would be to get a set of duckfoot blades (fine cut) for the SLE-75? the standard Y blades are ok, but they leave a raggy finish - if the blades aren't crazy expensive, they be would nice for getting the pasture around the house more lawn-ish


Thanks for great service,


Warren Cross


Thank you so much Billy! We have used the tractor everyday since Tom delivered it. We have finished 3 jobs in less than half the time we scheduled. It is paying for itself already to the tune of $1725 PER DAY!


Thanks for being such a great help. I, personally, have only been able to load it and unload it on trailer. 


Very easy to operate. Very easy to load. Great clearance and visibility to operate.


Gunny and Teresa Wheeler

Ocala, Florida


XR 4046 Cab Hydrostatic Drive with 6 foot Smart Trac Rough Cutter and dual Cylinder Grapple Bucket


Travis Fullerton of Bayard Nebraska drove over 1800 miles to SAVE with Smith's. He had ask for prices from John Deere which took 5 weeks to get a price and it was much higher for less horse power than he got from Smith's. He also received a quote Cabelas and they had given him a price which was much higher than Smith's and did not include the FREE Loader. Here is his own words about dealing with Smith's


"Tractor was as described in fit, finish & function. The staff was helpful from the phone calls to the delivery of the trator & tiller. I would not hesitate to do business with Smith Enterprise again."


Travis Fullerton, Bayard Nebraska


Travis bought a TYM T603 Cabin Tractor and Loader with Samart Trac 81" Gear Driven Slip Clutch Tiller


Even though IH gave him a  toboggan, He still knew which tractor to get.

The entire experience was awesome! You guys made it easy even though I am in Colorado and you are in North Carolina. Good value, pleasaunt service, fast delivery! you even made financing easy! Mauny Thanks!
Bennett, Colorado


The experience was great. With all the questions and things we needed to make the purchase decision, Smith's kindly gave. The pricing was rightly competitive! Mr. Smith and Tony were willing to share general knowledge regardless of our choice of vendor. Very Professional. Nash County, NC

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how happy and satisfied with my tractor and equipment purchase. Tony and Amy both have been so very helpful and willing to do anything to make my purchase easy and non-stressful. They both made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I really like the tractor and would recommend it to others. I have owned John Deere, IH and Massey Fergusons and can’t say that there is anything better about those tractors. The tractor is stronger than I even imagined it would be. Thanks again and please pass on my compliments to Tony and Amy for all they have done and for a job well done. With folks like them working for you it is easy to recommend your business to others.
Andy Howard

Because I live in the same community as Billy Smith, I have known him and his family for over 25 years. So, when I started looking for a tractor, Smith's Enterprise was one of the first places I looked. In addition, I had heard good things about TYM tractors and wanted to check one out. After 3 months of looking at used tractors it became clear that a used tractor with the features I wanted was going to cost just as much as a new one from Billy's. Used tractor with 3000 hrs on it or a new tractor with a 5 yr warranty, it was a no brainer for me.
I found my experience dealing with Smith's Enterprise pleasant and enjoyable from beginning to end. From the time taken to let me test drive the models under consideration to the day of delivery, everything was timely and better than promised (the tractor was even delivered earlier than expected). Even the credit approval process was simple. So, if you're looking for a tractor, you should contact Billy and give TYM a look. I am very pleased with the quality and value they have to offer.

DeLeon Wilks
Retired Ag Teacher/Extension Agent, Hog/Cattle Farmer
Newton Grove, NC
T603 Cab with Self Leveling Loader

Billy, This is Jordan Daneker (Currituck Lawn Care) I wanted to drop you an Email / Testimonial on how pleased I was with our purchase from you on the TYM 35HST Tractor. My grandfather and I came across your website online initially and from start to finish was by far the best buying experience we have ever had. We exchanged a few emails with Billy owner of Smith Enterprises and he was able to contact us nearly immediately about our inquiry on the purchase of a new landscape tractor. On the phone Billy took the time to give us plenty of information on his product as it was a 4 hour drive for us and wanted to make sure the trip was well worth it. We set up plans to visit Billy and look at the TYM and LS tractors Billy had many options available on his lot to look at of each brand he sold. As new comers to this brand(s) TYM, and LS we knew little about the product but Billy was able to answer all our questions. While searching the lot Billy offered to take us to the LS Assembly plant as well as the TYM Assembly Plant which we're about 30 mins from his place. We went to both location's that day and Billy spent over 3hrs with us showing us all the equipment letting us ride each piece that we were interested in. Here is the kicker though Billy and his cousin terri who went with us NEVER once ever try to pressure us into buying anything they genuinely wanted us to get the best piece of equipment for our purpose they answer all question,s never try to up sale us, and only went on the specific need of what we wanted to use the tractor for. My grandfather got In the car to drive home, and for the 4 hour drive home all we could talk about was how well we were treated it was truly FIRST CLASS. We did end up purchasing a tractor later that week from Billy not only because of the way he treated us but the product he sells he believes in and is a quality tractor. I encourage any people thinking about buying a small compact tractor to put the TYM and the LS next to a Kubota or Newhollad or Deere and tell me the craftsmanship is better because they are Neck and Neck and the TYM and LS tractor would give them a run for there money. We Just want to say a Huge thank you to Smith Enterprise Billy and Terri Thank you and we will continue to due business with you in the future and are very happy with our new TYM 35HST

Tom Bradey and grandson Jordan Daneker Elizabeth City NC

Billy, and please let Terry, and Tony know,

I know it's only my first day with the tractor, but man is that thing great.

Frist project was to move big brush pile near barn out to a field in the back of the property.

That was done in just over 2 hours.

Tractor is real easy to get used to.

Second project was to dig up some old tarps out back that were buried just enough to make them really tough to get out, and we had to mow around them cause what was left out of the ground would tangle in the lawn mower.

Well the back hoe, and FEL, took care of that easily.

I did get the seat down on the back hoe so you don't need to reply to that issue I raised in a previous email.

The backhoe is lots of fun to work with and again easy to use.

Good power also.

What a real treat it is to have the tractor.

Well, I just wanted to say thanks again.

I completed stuff today that I have put for a year now.


Gary ODell

To All You Tractor Lovers Out There

Let Me Tell You A bout Smith Oil Co, And Billy Smith, He's A great Guy To Buy Your Tractor From.

Let Me Tell You About My Dealing's With him. I Got A TYM T433 Shuttle Shift Which Had A Clutch. A nd Was A very Good Tractor And Plenty Of Power Got It New.

I Am 73 Years Old And Have Driven Just About Any Tractor You Can Name. A Few Year's Ago My Son Got A Tractor With Hydrostatic Drive I Used It And Got To Likeing It Very Much. So Much That A Clutch Just Would Not Do For Me. I Talked To Billy About Trading The T433 (42HP) For A T503 (50HP) With HST. Hydrostatic Drive. No Problem He Was Quick To Get One And Worked It Out So I Could Trade. What He Says He Does. I know That Some Of You Will Think That The 50HP Will Burn A Lot More Fuel Than The 42HP. Well The T503 With It's Load Sensine Button If Used Regular When You Are Working The Tractor. There Is Not A Lot Of Difference. To Sum It Up If You Want A Super Tractor And A Great Deal See Billy Smith At Smith Oil Co. And Get YourSelf A T503.
phone: 910-567-2680----fax 910-567-2840
have a great day,

James W. Peterson Sr.
White Lake, NC

No wondor why you are one of TYM's top dealers...always a pleasure doing business with you.

Larry Smith
Mooresville, NC
TYM T-700 Cabin Tractor

Smith's was Cordial with Excellent Communication
TYM 50 HP 4x4 with Skid Steer Loader

Chris Rhodie
Wanaque NJ 07465

Thank you Mr. Smith for you and your staff , for the utmost professionalism that I have experienced in a while. I looked for over a month at tractors and I know prices. I'm not calling names because they don't even deserve the slightest advertising. the people at Big Green would not even wait or take time after I looked and browsed for 45 minutes . I nicely left Big Red did give me some attention but acted like they did not want too. Big Blue seemed the same attitude when they thought I did not have the money or wanted a compact tractor. I have been in the construction building business for 30 Years and the retail part for the last 14 years. Customer Service is not a RECORDING with people on a machine or computer generated voice, it's people Helping People at Smith's and everyone is a customer form a 100 to 100,000 DEAL. Your customers are the ones spending their hard earned MONEY especaiilly in a BAD Economy when every dollar counts. I have no problem getting new business and Mr. Smith is a man of his WORD and all you need is a handshake for his DEAL to be concrete. This is trustworthy, Honorable and Reliable Character in a man , much needed in society today. Mr. Smith EAT the deal form another LS Dealer offered FREE Fuel, Free freight for 50 miles and even offered to Exchange the tractor if I was unhappy. He took time with me to show me the different options and DEALS he had at the time. I drove both LS and TYM and chose to go with a larger TYM 433 which is larger then the LS 3038 I had picked out. I am glad he showed me the TYM DEAL with superior power and performance. Smith's delivered the next day as promised and took time to make sure I understood all the options and equipment.

Thank You Billy for being Honest and taking time with me, you treated me like FAMILY and earned a customer and a FRIEND for LIFE I look forward to many years of Business and Friendship

Barty Jacobs
Lake Waccamaw NC


I just wanted to say Thank you for getting my tractor, finish mower and tiller here this past weekend! As always you go above and beyond! Also the melons and sweet potatoes are great!
It is a pleasure doing business with you!

Best regards!
Neil J Barton
Churchville, New York

Traded 2010 T 353 and loader for a T 503 and Loader

Fred said he emailed many tractor dealers and Smith's was quick to Call him with a DEAL. He said many other dealers did not respond or just emailed back. He is very pleased with his tractor and service from Smith's

Farmer Fred
Littleton, NC

I heard about Smith's on the internet, I was treated GREAT during the sale, I would recommend Smith's to others . It was a painless experience with a GREAT STAFF and a GREAT PRODUCT at the Best price Available

John Anthony Lockert
Middlesex NC 27557

I purchased this LS R 4041 from Smith's Enterprise , I shopped a local dealer and Smith's BEAT the PRICE by a couple thousand with FREE delivery and FREE tank of Fuel . they even offered a 90 Day FREE exchange. I can tell you I would not Trade my LS for any other tractor I know of. As you can see by the pictures the LS R 4041 will pick up large bales of hay with no problem. I can tell you Smith's is the one to go to for an LS Tractor or attachments.

Billy Wood
Kenansville NC


Here are the photos you wanted. It didn't take long (1st time) to forget to put up the brush guard after cleaning under the hood and bending it. Bad design. My fault, hind sight I would have taken it completely off, I don't need it at this time. I am hoping that all I have to do is bend the bracket back and get new bolts for it. I have moved a lot of dirt and taken out a couple of tree trunks. I like it a lot, it has saved me a lot of manual labor. Thanks for all your help, you stuck to your word, you were professional and pleasant to talk to and you delivered before the due date even though it was raining. I will be getting up with you on future attachments.



I would like to say that it was a pleasure to do buisness with you. The LS R3039H is an excellent machine and I am very satisfied. Delivery arrived on time and the guys were professional. Your a buisness that I would recommend to others in the market for a new machine.

Good luck
Brian Mohyde
Watertown Ct.

Hi Billy, thought you like to know my LS G3033 tractor and Long Grapple are working well.
I started removing some trees out in my pasture.
I took a photo thought you like to see it working hard for me.
Thank you again Billy.

Also Nelson from W.R.Long helped me trouble shoot Valve Kit problem, all is working fine.

Gene Lange

Hello Mr. Bill,

Just had to let you know about the TYM. I changed the bracket on my Quick Attach skidsteer brush cutter, put it on the t503 FEL and ran hydraulic lines from the rear remote, to run it.   How sweet it is. I can clear stream (canal) banks with ease. I can see to get around trees and tilt for any angle. All from a dust & debris free cab. Perfect for an old man, like me.

Have a good day,
Tony Haid

James Van Peterson
Elezabethtown, NC 28337

James said he was very pleased with his 433 Cabn TYM tractor, he said it had more room than the 80 HP Kubota he used at work. He wrote he was treated with respect during and after the sale and would recommend Smith's Enterprise and TYM to others. His father is even thinking of trading in his Kioti for a TYM 433. He wrote the vehicle was described and represented as he was expecting. James purchased a Cabin Jinma from us and broke the record on trading in within the 90 day FREE Exchange we offer on all sales.
He was delivered the Used  Jinma 55 hp Cabin  around 12 O clock called by 2 pm and was delivered a TYM 433 New Cabin by 5 pm

He was impressed with our speedy and friendly service along with the Quality of the TYM Tractor

Hi Billy,

Just wanted to drop a line tell you how very satisfied I am with my new LS G3033 Tractor I bought from you. I mowed my pasture the other day and it performed flawlessly.  I am very happy with the deal you worked out with me and know you out did yourself keeping the price affordable for me. I was pleased with the weight you added in the tires, it hugs the ground and has a good stable ride like you said it would.  I thought the clipper mower was surprising smooth and did fine job mowing down my pasture. I believe the bucket will give me some options of moving materials around helping me in many ways to improve my land in the future.
Thank you again.

Gene Lange

I recently purchased a tractor and several implements from Smith Enterprises. I worked with Billy Smith through e-mails and phone calls and things couldn't have gone any smoother. Billy is a pleasure to deal with. He bent over backwards to see that I got everything I wanted and personally delivered my tractor. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND dealing with Smith Enterprises. The prices are more then reasonable and my friends are in awe of what I received for the money. I also have a few friends who wish they had found Billy before they made their purchases of tractors. I am in hopes of sending more business his way. If you are looking for a tractor, as far as I'm concerned, this is the only game in town. GREAT GREAT SERVICE. Once again, It was a real pleasure doing business with you Billy and I couldn't be happier.

Bob Hood
Princeton, Maine  


Mr. Billy,

I am writing to commend Tony Odom parts manager for your company. I purchased a TYM433 tractor from you in May 2011 which you delivered to me here in Mississippi. Overall the tractor is great. I put it through a lot and it handles the load.

I would like to commend Tony Odom parts manager for your company. I have had some maintenance done on the tractor with a few warranty issues and all in all they were dealt with in a timely fashion with the help of Tony.

The local repair facilities in the Miss area where I live had a few problems getting the necessary parts to fix the tractor from TYM. So I contacted Tony and he came through with the parts necessary to take care of the problems. He has also been able to answer or get the answers for anything I may ask in regards to the tractor operation and or parts needed to be replaced and follows up to return phone calls if and when I leave a message to be called back. This does not happen often with other companies.

You and your company personnel have stood behind the product you have sold and have made sure that any and all warranty and non warranty issues are dealt with and taken care of. Mr. Oscar was the salesman for me when I purchased this and he also has been helpful with answering any questions I have had. Your personnel are very knowledgeable with this particular tractor. And to have the owner of a company as yourself take time to call back and speak to a customer which you have done shows a lot for the customer care your company provides. Other companies could and should learn and or take notice to this.

It is and has been a pleasure dealing with a company who stands behind with what they sell. And gives customers comfort in knowing they won’t be abandoned or ignored after they purchase a product from you and your company.

Chris Vergona
Osyka  Mississippi

Billy, we really appreciate the customer service/ delivery/ follow up with our new LS 38. It's working great, and we really appreciate you taking care of us. I still need a box cutter and one of your sheds, and hope your taking care of my Road King Custom!!
Again, many thanks and more to follow.

Doc from Eastover

Thanks Billy for delivering the tractor, especially in the time frame and cold. I have not used it much, but so far am pleased. Hope your wifes surgery went good.

Thanks again

Mr. Wilkins of Riegelwood NC said his ansung backhoe worked smooth and is
excited about using his new tractor.

I heard about Smith's from a friend, I had outstanding service and was treated with
respect during the sale. I would recommend Smith's enterprise to others for a
good deal and excellent service.

Jacky D
Delco, NC

Hello Billy,

This is Scott Truman from Columbus, Ohio although you delivered my TYM 353 to New Martinsville, WV. First, on several occasions now I've been forced to contact Oscar because of tractor problems. The first problem was unrelated to the tractor, but Oscar still happily provided invaluable aid...thank you!!! The second time the front steering hydraulic pump apparently fractured internally. Once again, Oscar walked me through mechanically trouble shooting the problem to what I hope was as successful conclusion. My point of this is to let you know how reassuring it is to have someone like Oscar so available; that's reassuring when a tractor is purchased from out of state. Second, I love the 353 but am interested in moving up to a 50-60 horse power TYM. I will either do this by trading in my current TYM, or more likely just buy the second tractor. To that end, I would appreciate you providing me a price on the described horsepower TYM..with and without cab, but WITH a front end loader.
J. Scott Truman

Save yourself some money and buy from Billy Smith in NC!! Smith's Enterprise

Mark Sorrells

I also purchased my TYM 273 from Smith Enterprises. I had no problems Billy was a nice guy and when I had any warranty issues he shipped me the part and I installed it myself.

West Nyack, NY

I purchased my T233 from Billy...very nice to work with and good staff. They sent me a part that I was finally able to install myself.

Keysville, VA

I can’t tell you what a great time I have been having with the Jinma 284 you sold me, in March 2007!  I continue to be pleased with the tractor. It’s getting a little beat up now but that’s all cosmetic. Runs like new!

Hope you, your family, and the whole team have a great new year holiday!  Stay safe!  I’ll share more videos of the tractor in action soon.

Thomas D. Herod
Director - Transportation Safety
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.
1615 L Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036


Good afternoon Billy! Just wanted to drop you a note to state how happy I am with the TYM T293 HST tractor I recently purchased from you. I have owned many tractors during the years including Kubota, Mitsubishi and John Deere and this tractor has a better layout and just as good if not better quality than any of the others I have ever owned. For the quality workmanship, ergonomic design and incredible price, I don't think there is a better value out there!!

Thanks again for a great buying experience!

Ray Wilson
Plant Manager
North Bennington, VT

Billy just a short note to thank you brook and junior  for the service and service after the sale anybody can sell something but the great sale is a sale with great service after the sale.  I knew going into the purchase of a 554 cab tractor there were going to be problems but lucky so far none major that couldn't handled over the phone from the time of order and excellent pricing to delivery to brook handling small mailing of things and literature to my main man junior who help when a issue arises usually from operator error i do believe that a made a good chose.

In closing I highly recommend anyone looking for a good inexpensive tractor to give you a call.

Stay in touch

Love my TYM 700.  While the guys had a time getting it to the farm, flat tire near Raleigh, NC, Brook kept me informed of their arrival time.  They unloaded the tractor, gave a run down on all the bells and gadgets.  I must admit, I was overwhelmed.  I have put 20 hours on the tractor already, mowing, raking, and baling hay, plus cutting a few acres.  Bottom line, I wish I bought this tractor sooner.  Love the air conditioner and cab.  It was raining like cats and dogs today, and I was in the dry and still able to do some farm work with the cattle.  Great tractor with all the power I need. My problem now is all the neighbors are stopping by checking out the tractor. 

Roger Weisner
Lexington, NC

The guys were great. Billy was great to deal with. He explained it allto me and my son in great detail. I would recommend smith's to anyone needing a tractor or farm equipment.

Marty Beshears
Gepp, Ar

Hi Billy,

I appreciate you working with my schedule to get my new TYM T-700 delivered last Tuesday night.  Having been raised on "the major brands", I was fairly hesitant when I first came across TYM in my research.  I also expressed my concern to you about you being my nearest dealer at 200+ miles away.  However, you invited me down, drove me to Wilson to meet Andy and tour the TYM distribution center, put me in touch with the right people to answer my technical questions, and worked out an arrangement for servicing & warranty work with an affiliate of yours relatively close to me.  All in all, you exceeded what I would have expected from a dealer just 10 miles away from me!

I'm anxious to put the T-700 through its paces around my "major brand" community here, and it's already started drawing the neighbors in to check it out.  I'll definitely send any referrals your way.


"I've used the chipper several times now and am very pleased overall.  It compares well to a larger, hydraulic feed unit I've rented in the past, but could not afford to buy.  Some minor issues with the delivery were quickly addressed and resolved by Billy and his excellent staff, even though he was under no obligation to do so.  I would purchase from him again."

Kurt Skadeland,
Roscoe, Illinois

Hi Billy,

They delivered the tractor about an hour ago. They were all very polite and professional the entire process and spent plenty of time explaining the basic controls/maintanence to me. Thank you for a very smooth transaction!

I'm sure I'll be calling/emailing you within a couple of weeks with a few questions as I begin to put some hours on the new machine!

Tom V.
Youngstown, Ohio


I just gotta say, this 284 is the best investment I’ve made in years!  Almost 100 hours now, and the tractor is absolutely great. Does everything I demanded and expected!

Thanks, and please enjoy a very merry Christmas!

Tom Herod
Transportation Safety & Training Manager
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.
1615 L Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

Hi Billy,
The TYM tractor is awesome, just getting back from the Mountains.  I would highly reccomend this tractor to any of your prospective cleints.  I spent over 6 hour climbing up and down our mountain fixing our road and I am amazed at the power and comfort of this tractor.  We're going back up in two week and I'll take some picture of the slope of our road to give you an idea of what were up against (30 % slope) and this will show you the power and the toughness of this tractor. 
I will highly reccomend this tractor to all my friend. 
Scott Keller

I was very impressed by my dealings with Billy Smith and his team on my new tractor purchase. Everything about the transaction was fair and above board. I was able to have my new tractor delivered and was treated with excellant customer service for both the tractor and implment I purchased. I look forward to doing business with them again!

Patrick Seekins
Cary, NC

Thanks for helping me with the purchase of the new tractor. You'll made everything so easy. Everybody I dealt with was very courteous. The young man who delivered the tractor was very helpful. A friend of mine is looking for a new trailer to haul his equipment around with. I strongly recommended he look at your website first.

Thanks again,
Alpina, MI        

I hope your daughters team fared well in the tournament!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you about buying my tractor and ATV from Smiths Enterprise. First let me tell you what I bought, 354 Smarttrak, Koyker 160 FEL, LW-7 backhoe, 6' box blade, 5' Howse bushhog, and a 110cc Redcat 4 wheeler for my daughter. Billy Smith and the people as his place are quite friendly and easy to work with. More importantly they have helped me with the few problems I've had with my tractor and backhoe. They have gotten me needed parts as fast as humanly possible! They may not have every part on the shelf but they have made every effort to get what I've needed to me quickly. Every time I've called down there for tech. help or needed a part they have helped me out. Well I just wanted everyone to know this and I would tell you just as quick if they hadn't been willing to help. Well I'll keep you all posted on how things go I've had every thing about three weeks now and soon I'll start to work her.

Later Kidd


Thanks again for the your efforts and support, more importantly your
honesty, on our tractor transaction. You are fortunate to have a helpful and patient group of employees helping
you out.

Joseph P. Zanetti
Tuxedo, New York

Dear Billy Smith and staff,

I purchased a Jinma 284 tractor with front loader and backhoe in July, 2006. After doing research on the internet and telephone I chose your company because of your honest and friendly business style. Although I am several hundred miles away (New York), I was treated in a neighborly fashion. Mr. Smith (along with some of his family) personally delivered my new tractor and did not leave until I was completely satisfied with purchase and delivery. I would recommend your company to anyone, anytime!

Matthew Jones
Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Matthew Jones

Mr. Smith, In May of 2005 I purchased a Jinma model JM 220 tractor with a rotary cutter from your company. I have not had any problems with the tractor and it's doing a good job for me. When I did the first service on my tractor your service department was very helpful to answer all of my questions. Also I would like to thank you for your help with the purchase of my tractor. I would recommend to anyone that is looking to purchase a tractor to give you a call and test your Jinma tractor line.

Thanks for your help,
Don McConnell
Dunn, NC

My husband I have purchased a few vehicles from your company over a period of about 20 years, both personal and business. We have always been very satisfied with our purchases, and the exceptional customer service. You have always gone above and beyond to work with us on payment terms that were comfortable for us. We have never purchased a vehicle that you didn't stand behind completely. More important, we have never purchased a vehicle from you  that we were unsatisfied with. We highly recommend you and your company to anyone purchasing a vehicle or tractor. 

Thank you for the Wonderful Service!
Barbara Daniels
Salemburg, NC

The folks at Smith Auto Sales are awesome! It's as simple as that! Last year we started Horizon Cellars, a vineyard and winery almost 80 miles away from Smith Auto Sales. The long distance didn't matter to Billy Smith. We needed a really good quality tractor for the vineyard, and he wanted to help. We didn't want to  have to pay a lot of money since we were a new business. Billy worked with us and got us the right tractor for the job at the right price. He even delivered it to us. Later, when we had an issue with a diesel injector, he sent one of his guys out and they fixed it right away. Like I said, those folks are awesome! 

Guy Loeffler, 
Owner, Horizon Cellars Winery & Vineyard.


The Jinma 284 crate tractor that I purchased is assembled and earning its keep - and earning it well. The tractor is perfect for clearing and maintaining my 3.5 acres. The friendly expert advice your staff supplied helped me assemble the tractor with no problems. The 5' box blade you sold me is the perfect match for the tractor, and along with a chainsaw and a couple of logging chains I have easily cleared a driveway into the property. I'll be returning to Smith Enterprises soon for a loader to help spread some gravel, and later I'll need a rotary mower to help keep the weeds and vines maintained.

Thanks for all the help from you and your crew.
Jack Files
Cary, NC


After much research on Chinese tractors, I purchased a Jinma 284, ZL-20 FEL and an Equipment Pro Trailer from Smith's Enterprise. Billy's Prices were the best I have found. I prepaid for the items and received my delivery as promised and on schedule. 

Billy was great about keeping me informed as we waited for the equipment, and of any questions I had as I assembled the tractor. Billy was quick to respond and help out whenever needed. 

I love my Jinma and would not hesitate to purchase more equipment from Billy Smith. I feel very confident in recommending Smith's Enterprise to all my farming friends and relatives.

Vic Williamson
Fair Play, SC

The tractor as well as us are doing well. I really like the tractor I purchased from you. I have enjoyed doing business with you and if I have the opportunity I will send business your way.


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