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T354 and T354-HST

The all new The all new T354 tractor offers ultimate performance for an unbeatable value. With full compliance to Tier IV emissions standards, we offer a clean and environmentally friendly solution to your rural lifestyle needs. Equipped with your choice of attachments, versatility comes standard.

Tier 4 Emissions
What are tier 4 regulations and what does it mean to the tractor industry? Tier regulations are put in to place to constantly improve on the diesel fuel emissions that damage our environment and pollute our oxygen. Nitrogen Oxide and Particulate Matter are two of the most damaging chemicals released in to our atmosphere as a result of diesel machinery.
TYM along with several other major agricultural and machinery driven companies are working together with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to provide a brighter future for the ecosystem that we so desperately need to flourish.
TYM is proud to be a part of this movement. With over a 90 percent improvement on our PM and Nitrogen Oxide emissions, we stand by our motto and hope to provide Harmony of Nature and Technology for the Abundance of Humanity.
Go with the eco-friendly choice, go with TYM.


Hydraulic Lift Capacity - 1323 lbs
The life capacity of 1323 lbs provides sufficient power to control the rear implement and the position level sets the height of the implement just as you want it.


Yanmar Diesel Engine
Reliable, powerful, and rugged.
25 gross horsepower
Maximum fuel efficiency
3 cylinder, liquid cooled diesel performance.


Robust Front Axles and Power Steering
Double acting power steering system gives a smoother and effortless turn and its solid front axle provides utmost satisfaction in any type of ground work.


Hydro Static Transmission
Hydro static transmission with a 2 range speed control provides comfortable and easy operating conditions.


Conveniently Located Radiator Screen Net
Radiator screen is easily taken out without any tool for cleaning dust.


PTO On/Off Switch
Conveniently located PTO on and off switch with the light indicator enables you to control the PTO at your finger tips.


Factory Installed Joystick Lever
Factory Installed joystick lever and remote valves for front attachment is standard in T354 and its family model.


Ergonomic and Spacious Operator Seat
Control levers are ergonomically located by considering the operator’s hand movements.

Manufacturer Yanmar
Model 3TNV88C-KKTF
Gross - Horsepower 34.2(25.5)
PTO - Horsepower 28.1(20.9)
Rated Engine Speed 2800
Number of Cylinders 3 100.2(1642)
Air Cleaner Dual Dry
Alternator 12V 55A
Fuel System Type CRDI
Transmission Type Sync/Shuttle HST
Number Of Speeds 12F 12R Infinite/3 Range
Max Traveling Speed, mph (km/h) 13.4(21.6) 16.1(26)
Brakes Wet Disc Wet Disc
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Dry Single Plate N/A
Pump Type Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump
Implement gpm(L/Min) 6.3(23.9) 6.3(23.9)
Steering gpm(L/Min) 4.3(16.2) 4.6(17.3)
Total gpm(L/Min) 10.6(40.1) 10.9(41.2)
Category 3 Point Hitch 1 1
Hitch Lift Capacity lb(kg) 2646(1200) 2646(1200)
24" Behind Link Ends ld(kg) 1764(800) 1764(800)
Lift Control Type Position Position
Joy Stick Valve Standard Standard
No. Of Std. Remote Valve 1 1
PTO Type Independent Independent
PTO Control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro
PTO Mid(rpm)-Option N/A 2000
PTO Rear(rpm) 540/1000 540/1000
Shaft Diameter in. (mm) 1 3/8 (35) 1 3/8 (35)
Fuel Tank gal(L) 9.0(34) 9.0(34)
Cooling System qt(L) 5(4.8) 5(4.8)
Crankcase with filter qt(L) 4.2(4) 4.2(4)
Tans & Hydr. System gal(L) 8.5(32) 9.25(35)
Front Axle qt(L) 8.7(8.2) 8.7(8.2)
Overall Length, in. (mm) with 3P 126(3200) 130.5(3315)
Overall Width, in. (mm) 53.5(1360) 52(1320)
Wheelbase, in. (mm) 64.5(1640) 66.1(1680)
Height to Top of ROPS, in. (mm) 94.5(2400) 94.5(2400)
Min. Ground Clearance, in (mm) 12.8(325) 13.8(350)
Agricultural Front 7x6-16
Agricultural Rear 11.2x24-4
Industrial Front 10x16.5-6
Industrial Rear 43x16x20-4
Total Weight, lb(kg) 3065(1390) 3108(1410)